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130 años de experiencia
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Shipyards Alcudia SL are a company dedicated to the construction and repair of wood boats in the zone of Alcúdia. With more than 130 years of experience in the sector we are already a referring one in Majorca.

Between our services we emphasized for being the best ones in works of carpentry of shore, construction of interiors of boats, covers of teka and fiber glass among others.

We give the welcome him to our Web where it will be able to find multitude of images and documents that will demonstrate to our quality and professionalism.

Construction and repair of boats of
wood and fiber glass
Carpentry of Shore
Construction of interiors
Teka covers
Caulkinged professional
Gel-coat and fiber glass
Works of the home
Astilleros Alcúdia SL, 2007.
C/paseo marítimo,1. Puerto Alcudiamar, local l3 B. 07410, Puerto de Alcúdia.
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