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It all started in Asturias

The history of my family goes back to the last century, about 130 years ago, when my family started building numerous ships: fishing-boats, yachts, sailing ships, boats, and support ships; we have also built interiors, cabinetmaking, and have repaired ships.

New techniques have appeared over the following years, and we started using the rolling mill with epoxy resin and the works with fibre-glass.

5 Generations

Jesús García was the pioneer in the building of ships and he was born in Gijón. He was called Jesús of the “güelga” and then the “Morroñoso”. He worked in the dockyard Urabain (San Esteban de Pravia) and in the dockyard Aniceto (Avilés), where many sailing ships were built.

Bricbarca “Suárez II” was fitted out in the dockyard Aniceto in 1918, when the “Morroñoso” was one of the responsible of building the masts, the boom and spars, made with axe and jack plane.
Suarez II
Laureano García García (Morroñoso´s son) continued with the family tradition of building ships. He was born in Ciaño (Langreo, Asturias) in 1893.

He worked with his father in the dockyard Urabain (San Esteban de Pravia) and sailed in the ship Serafín Ballesteros working as a carpenter.
Laureano Garca

After that, he was employed by the “Junta de Obras del Puerto de San Esteban de Pravia” to work as a shipwright and model-maker, building support ships, as well as numerous wooden models, such as tackles, pulleys, engines ...

On the occasion of the Latin American Exhibition in Sevilla in 1929, the “Junta de Obras del Puerto de San Esteban de Pravia” presented some models of ships and harbour installations. All of them were built by Laureano García, who was awarded the Diploma for Merits and a Silver Medal.
The following generation of ship builders was represented by Jesús Antonio García de la Campa, born in Salinas (Castrillón, Asturias) in 1916.

His father taught Jesús the job of shipwright, working in the “Junta de Obras del Puerto de San Esteban de Pravia”. During several years, he navigated in ships such as “Genoveva Fierros”, “Argentona”, “Bodón”, etc, working as a carpenter.

Later on, Jesús was employed in the railway Vasco-Asturian, repairing the wooden coaches of trains.

Some years later, he joined the “Junta de Obras del Puerto de San Esteban de Pravia” and after several years the dockyard “La Parrilla” was created in the very same town. For ten years many fishing boats with more than 10 metres were built and even larger ones for “La Arena”, “Cudillero”, “Burela” (Galicia), etc.

After this time, Jesús García de la Campa founded together with his son Miguel Ángel a small dockyard for building small fishing boats and for repairing wooden ships.

Miguel Ángel García Martínez was born in Muros del Nalón (Asturias) in 1941.

His father taught him the job of ship builder in the dockyard “La Parrilla” together with other builders such as Pepe “del Castillo” and Avelino who taught him the art of cabinetmaking. At the age of 14, he entered as an apprentice in that dockyard but after some years, due to his great ability, he was able to work alone. He ven built a ship alone, without help.


Nevertheless, it cannot be omitted that together with Jesús and Miguel Ángel another person was always there. It was Juan Carlos, Miguel Ángel´s brother, who was born in Muros del Nalón in 1951. He is deaf and dumb. He is one of the most hard- working  persons I have ever met. Juan Carlos is also a good shipwright, always working with his father and brother.

After finishing the military service, he and his father created the small dockyard “García de la Campa” in the same harbour of San Esteban de Pravia.

Many ships were built in this dockyard for “Cudillero”, “San Esteban”, “La Arena”, “Gijón”, and many other Asturian towns. Miguel Ángel was the responsible of making all the models, and his father of supervising them.

At last, this dynasty is finished with me by now. Miguel García Rodríguez, born in Pravia (Asturias) in 1980.

Both my father (Miguel Ángel) and my uncle (Juan Carlos) taught me the job of shipwright and cabinet maker.

I was very young when I felt interested in this job; I built the yacht “Ciranda” and many other sailing-ships.

During that period of my life, I repaired nearly everything: keel, stern post, stem, timber; to caulk, to paint...

It was a good school for me.

Nevertheless, after a life in Asturias, we had to move to Mallorca. We opened a workshop in “Puerto de Alcudia” (Baleares). Since 2001, we are working in this island, repairing wooden ships, working with fibre-glass, building boat-deck made of  teka wood, and building the furniture for yachts.

I have to mention that some relatives are also shipwright. They have worked in the dockyard “MEFASA” (Avilés) and building the interiors and teka boat-deck for the sailing ship ALEJANDRA (famous worldwide) and for the yacht BLUE LEGEND.

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I would like to thank my grandfather Jesús (rest in peace), my father Miguel Ángel and my uncle Juan Carlos for having taught me this job, which is so appreciated and loved by me.

Thanks very much from Miguel García Rodríguez, who wrote these words.

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